Divine Love Healing Session

A 60 minute virtual session to help you connect to Divine Love and Divine Healing Energy.

Please contact me to schedule a session.

$100 per session, or 3 sessions for $275.

I had 3 major joint surgeries in the last year. I have been working not only with my surgeon, and physical therapist, but also a holistic chiropractor to improve my range of motion and strength. Jennie helped me to see that, in addition to the physical component of injuries, there is also a spiritual and emotional component. I had a healing session with her in which she worked to clear my emotional blockages that were slowing the healing process for me. It’s amazing how much that helped. It’s still a process, but my surgeon and PT were very happy with my progress after that session! My holistic chiropractor was not surprised – he is happy that I found Jennie. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with her!

Elizabeth Revere Blanchard

Houston, TX


10% of Healing Sessions will be donated to a nonprofit that protects the environment and wildlife. When the account reaches $1000, I will make a donation.

The two causes I’m supporting in 2021 are:

The Michigan Nature Association and The Nature Conservancy.

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