Home and Office Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing Virtual Session

A 60 minute virtual or remote session to clear the energy in your home.

Please contact me via email to schedule a virtual clearing session: jenniefuller1@gmail.com

Prior to your clearing, I will request a floorplan of your home. It can be a sketch of the rooms. Plus at least one photo of your home.

$250 per session.

Home Energy Clearing In Person Session

An in person clearing, where I walk through each room in your home to clear it. I’ll also reset the energy grid (it’s a soul gift that happens when I walk through a space), and then infuse Divine Energy into your home.

Available locally in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas (Wesley Chapel to Orlando).

In person is also available in Michigan (Mt. Pleasant) and surrounding areas (Flint, Ann Arbor, Lansing).

$500 per session – in or near Tampa, FL or Mt. Pleasant, MI.

$750 per session for surrounding areas – includes up to two hours (round trip) of travel time.

Please contact me via email to schedule an in person clearing: jenniefuller1@gmail.com

Divine Love Virtual Session

A 60 minute virtual session for healing, breaking through illusion, and connecting to Divine Love. Please contact me via email to schedule: jenniefuller1@gmail.com

$150 per virtual session

I had 3 major joint surgeries in the last year. I have been working not only with my surgeon, and physical therapist, but also a holistic chiropractor to improve my range of motion and strength. Jennie helped me to see that, in addition to the physical component of injuries, there is also a spiritual and emotional component. I had a healing session with her in which she worked to clear my emotional blockages that were slowing the healing process for me. It’s amazing how much that helped. It’s still a process, but my surgeon and PT were very happy with my progress after that session! My holistic chiropractor was not surprised – he is happy that I found Jennie. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with her!

Elizabeth Revere Blanchard

Houston, TX


10% of Healing Sessions will be donated to a nonprofit that protects the environment and wildlife. When the account reaches $1000, I will make a donation.

The two causes I’m supporting in 2022 are:

The Michigan Nature Association and The Nature Conservancy.

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