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Affirmations, or intentions, commands, etc. can be used to focus your thought and energy.  It doesn’t matter what you call the process.  The important part is to catch any thoughts you don’t want, and replace them with what you do want, along with stating each day what you want to create. We have 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. Our main thoughts set our … Read More Affirmations

Listen with Your Heart

When I was at Findhorn Community, English was a second (or third) language for several of the other people in my group from around the world. Three of the other people – all from different nationalities, with English as a second language, were having a bit of a difficult time understanding each other and holding a conversation.  They were starting to get frustrated.  They … Read More Listen with Your Heart

3 Ways to stay Accountable to Yourself

Something I’ve had more time to consider with working from home and not traveling, are the ways I’m accountable (and not accountable) to myself. My prior schedule was quite full, and things often slid from one day to another (or the next week). As I thought about what I learned at KCHA (Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts), I remembered that if we are … Read More 3 Ways to stay Accountable to Yourself

1 reason movement is important

During a recent conversation, I was reminded that movement is about more than just losing weight.  It also helps us adjust to and work with new energies.  I thought it was interesting that I also landed on this page where they are having a lesson about energy, which mentions daily physical movement helps keep energy moving and flowing through the body so it won’t … Read More 1 reason movement is important

Star Sister

I wrote this book about unconditional love. Here’s the dedication and a short excerpt. Star Sister – For the fairies, devas, and nature beings who watch over all of nature. For the angels, star and light beings who watch over all of humanity. “A beautiful being appeared in my room early on Christmas morning. Her huge blue eyes sparkled with love and the wisdom … Read More Star Sister

3 Ways to have more Clarity

To have more clarity, and less anxiety and/or fear, there are simple steps you can take.  One of these is to disconnect from the collective energy.  This doesn’t mean you shut other people out.  It’s about staying connected to your own energy, and staying centered vs being constantly swayed by others. It’s up to you to choose to play in the collective energy or … Read More 3 Ways to have more Clarity

3 ways to Sparkle more

My definition of Sparkle More – is to be more of yourself. To let your light shine. To nurture yourself, so that your body and energy field feel good. When you hold a high frequency, you radiate light wherever you go. You bring light to others just by being near them. Here are 3 ways to get and be more Sparkly: Do something that … Read More 3 ways to Sparkle more

3 ways to set your writing space

Setting your space for writing helps you focus when you sit down to write. Three ways I like to set my space are: Create a beautiful space to write in. Crystals, flowers. Artwork that you love. I like having a dedicated desk space to write at. Use crystals to hold a high energy in your writing space. Rose quartz hold the energy of love. … Read More 3 ways to set your writing space

Give Yourself Permission to Write

It was when I gave myself permission to write in a way that worked the best for me, that I started making alot of progress and completing writing. I wrote Star Sister over 8 weeks – using my lunch hour and several weekends. I’d go into a conference room at my corporate job and write for a solid hour. On Friday night, I’d head … Read More Give Yourself Permission to Write

Writing Tips

As the author of several books, I’ve got a set of writing tips and tools that I use to keep the words flowing. One of the main things I like to do is create a writing space that inspires me and helps me get into the flow of writing each time I’m writing a book. For me, this is my desk in my home … Read More Writing Tips