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Clearing Energy with Sound

Energy is around us everywhere.  Energy likes to move and flow.  It likes to be in motion.  Have you ever walked into a room and it felt energizing and uplifting?  Or walked into a room that felt heavy and stagnant?  There are a few easy ways to clear out stagnant or “stuck” energy from a room.  These can also be done to keep the … Read More Clearing Energy with Sound


Anyone else missing travel? Ireland, Scotland, and England are all speaking to me. Since we are now near the Bahamas, I’d like to go there too. I love traveling to see new places and experience new things. It’s relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It relaxes me as seeing new places helps me to be in the present moment. This helps with experiencing … Read More Traveling

A Walk in the Sequoias

Last fall, as we were leaving California to move to Florida, we stopped to see the Sequoias.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I was excited to be able to see them (I’m planning to go back to visit them again and for longer). It’s an hour drive from the south entrance to get to the big trees.  You’re … Read More A Walk in the Sequoias

Ways to Increase the Clarity of Your Intuition

Here are a few things to help you have a clear intuitive connection: Being grounded Being calm Letting go of stress Yoga, Tai Chi Walking – especially outside Listening to classical music Taking action on the intuitive guidance that you are receiving Being grounded is when you are dropped into and occupying your physical body.  You’re present and focused.  You can feel your connection … Read More Ways to Increase the Clarity of Your Intuition

Nature’s Embrace

Have you ever looked out into the woods and seen a soft glow of light emanating from the tops of the trees? A light that connects all of the trees and gently pulses with the heartbeat of the Earth? Or walked through a late fall Michigan meadow, stopped in the middle, and the sun came out from behind the grey, cloudy sky, to shine … Read More Nature’s Embrace

What is your intuition?

Your intuition is your connection to the Divine. It’s your connection to your soul. It’s a guidance system that has your best interest in mind. Similar to our emotions, which can also guide us, our intuition acts like a compass to help us navigate our life. From small things like choosing a meal at a restaurant, to choosing where to live, your intuition is … Read More What is your intuition?

Ways Your Intuition Speaks to You

Here are several of the ways your intuition speaks to you. A gut feeling Signs – music, TV – a certain song plays, or a line in a movie jumps out at you Hearing the same phrase from different people within a short time frame “Seeing” in your third eye Dreams Knowing A voice A feeling in your body A feeling in your chakras … Read More Ways Your Intuition Speaks to You

What to look for in a Healer

A short background about me – I’ve studied and completed certifications in several healing modalities.  I started with Reiki, then completed an 18 month program in Massage and Bodywork that included polarity, acupressure, myofascial release, and cranial sacral (one of my favorites).  Healing Touch and Psych-K were next (two more favorites).  Then several certifications in Energy Mastery. While I believe that we all have … Read More What to look for in a Healer

Is More Better?

Another thought from the virtual Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield that resonated with me is that Bigger isn’t always Better.  Our society pressures us to always keep reaching for more.  As life is continually expanding, we do want to lean into it.  I’m not talking about this aspect.  It’s the continually wanting a larger income, a larger business.  Not pausing to acknowledge your accomplishments … Read More Is More Better?

Searching for God

Searching for God You gave me life. You created me. You loved me. And held me in your arms. You let me go, out into the universe. I stepped into the void, into flesh, and thought I was alone. I could not see You. I could not feel You. I searched everywhere, except within. I grew tired, and quiet. I looked inside my heart, … Read More Searching for God

On My Father’s Planet

On My Father’s Planet Once, in the depths of space, there was a void – an infinite empty space. God stepped into the void, and within the void created a planet of love and light. On this planet, He created humans, who saw in everything the love and light he placed there for them. In the trees, they saw the Light of God, in … Read More On My Father’s Planet

Do What Brings Joy to Your Soul In Your Business

“Do What Brings Joy to Your Soul in Your Business” – Marie Forleo This was one of my Aha moments from last Friday attending the virtual Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield.  This was planned as an in-person event in San Diego (one of my favorite cities to visit) that was pivoted to a virtual event due to the pandemic. When Marie Forleo said, “Do … Read More Do What Brings Joy to Your Soul In Your Business