Energy is around us everywhere.  Energy likes to move and flow.  It likes to be in motion.  Have you ever walked into a room and it felt energizing and uplifting?  Or walked into a room that felt heavy and stagnant?  There are a few easy ways to clear out stagnant or “stuck” energy from a room.  These can also be done to keep the energy fresh in a room that already feels good.

You can use a chime to clear the space.  I use a handheld one and walk thru each room in our house, striking the chime once in each room.  A couple times if it feels it needs more.  I like the Deep Zen Woodstock Chime.

Playing a recording of Ohm chanting in the room (or chanting Ohm).  I play recorded Ohm’s when I first get to a hotel room to clear the space.  You can also put it on repeat and set it at a very low volume.  My current favorite one is OM Chanting at 432 HZ by Meditative Mind.

Playing decrees and affirmations also helps clear a space.  I like the ones by Steve Nobel – The Soul Matrix.  You can find them on his Youtube channel.  Affirmations: I Am Ultra Violet Angelic Fire by Steven Nobel is one of my favorites.

Playing a recording of signing bowls or crystal bowls is another lovely way to cleanse and uplift the energy in a space.  I’m fond of Ashana and Journey to Wholeness by Elivia Melodey’s Crystal Vibrations. 

A simple way to clear spaces is by clapping your hands or snapping your fingers.  You can clap your hands or snap your fingers as you walk through your living space to shift the energy.

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