Anyone else missing travel? Ireland, Scotland, and England are all speaking to me. Since we are now near the Bahamas, I’d like to go there too. I love traveling to see new places and experience new things. It’s relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

It relaxes me as seeing new places helps me to be in the present moment. This helps with experiencing and taking everything in. I also love not being in a set routine, although I often pack the days very full to see as many things as possible.

It’s exciting and energizing to be in a new space and new energy. It re-ignites creativity and gets ideas flowing. I also feel that it gets any stagnant energy moving again.

While I enjoy traveling for fun, I also love traveling to sacred sites and places that I feel called to go to. I often learn about it being an energy gate or Earth chakra after I’ve already been, or have been feeling called to go for awhile.

Maui is the 10th energy gate, and the energy there is amazing! Mt. Shasta is another place I felt called to go. It’s very intense and angelic energy. It’s also the root chakra of the planet. I found that interesting, as it took me years to get comfortable with being in my own root chakra and fully in my body.

If there is a place on the planet that is calling your name, there maybe a reason beyond just a fun trip. Looking forward to traveling again soon!

Also announcing The Soul Sparkle Podcast – available soon. 🙂

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