Last fall, as we were leaving California to move to Florida, we stopped to see the Sequoias.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I was excited to be able to see them (I’m planning to go back to visit them again and for longer).

It’s an hour drive from the south entrance to get to the big trees.  You’re also going up in elevation, so it was pretty cold when got out of our vehicle to walk on a path to General Sherman.  We also went early in the morning, so there were only a few people.  My husband and I walked around these beautiful, magical trees for about an hour, awed at their size and presence.

I saw a longer path off to the side, and decided to walk on it by myself.  No one else was on this path.  I was alone with the trees.  I walked for a few minutes, and then stopped to take in their beauty.  It was cold, yet the air around me warmed. 

A moment of silence embraced me – a golden, full, warm silence.  There were no human sounds, only the soft, gentle sounds of the trees and a tiny stream bubbling by.  The air and space around me was alive with love.  It felt magical and sacred.  And it welcomed me in.

While the Sequoias are one of the ultimate nature experiences (at least for me, who is rather obsessed with trees), we can have this connection to nature anywhere.  It seems to happen most easily when you are appreciating something in nature – from trees, to flowers, to the birds, or other wildlife.  It’s like she’s waiting for acknowledgement (or us to be quiet enough to hear her), and when you do, that beautiful, peaceful energy surrounds you.

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