Your intuition is your connection to the Divine. It’s your connection to your soul. It’s a guidance system that has your best interest in mind.

Similar to our emotions, which can also guide us, our intuition acts like a compass to help us navigate our life. From small things like choosing a meal at a restaurant, to choosing where to live, your intuition is constantly speaking to you.

I think we’ve all heard that it will speak in whispers and then get louder. Sometimes that is true. There is another aspect to this. If you continually ignore your intuition, it may go from quiet to louder to quiet or silent. Or it may be very quiet then silent.

Our intuition is also guiding us back to what is in alignment with our soul. This includes your reason(s) for being on this planet. It’s my belief that we all have a mission or purpose that we agree to before we are born. These don’t have to be huge things. It can be enough to just be yourself and bring joy into every space you walk into. (which perhaps is not as simple as it sounds – especially if, like me, you easily pick up on other’s emotions and feelings. It took me awhile to sort what was mine and what wasn’t).

It can start with a feeling that there is something more. You might feel drawn to certain subjects, or called to travel to specific places on the planet. You might feel different areas of your body either feel warm or cold. Or prickly (for me this means caution) or warm (for me this means I’m going in the best direction) goosebumps.

As you notice and pay attention to the ways your intuition speaks to you (there is a wide variety – however it speaks to you is the best way for you), it will become stronger. It can become a trusted guide that is your partner in every decision.

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    • If you typically get alot of guidance, then suddenly “nothing” or no clear anwers when asking a question. Instead of an image, impression etc, it’s just quiet.

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