A short background about me – I’ve studied and completed certifications in several healing modalities.  I started with Reiki, then completed an 18 month program in Massage and Bodywork that included polarity, acupressure, myofascial release, and cranial sacral (one of my favorites).  Healing Touch and Psych-K were next (two more favorites).  Then several certifications in Energy Mastery.

While I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, sometimes it’s helpful to have someone help you get started, and remind you that the state of wellness is where we are meant to be.  Here are a couple things I look for.

The first thing to look for is someone who looks vibrant.  Why?  Have you seen a healer who looks rather grey and tired looking?  This would be someone who is only using his or her energy to heal with.  They are depleting themselves to heal.  It’s not sustainable.

Whereas someone who looks energized, has learned to use the Earth’s and God’s energy to heal with.  He or she taps into this unlimited supply of energy when they are doing a healing.  They also know to disconnect from the client when the session is finished.

A second trait to look for is someone who acknowledges that they are a conduit for the Divine energy.  They are facilitating the flow of this energy for you to heal.  They open and hold a space that allows you to receive and heal.

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