Another thought from the virtual Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield that resonated with me is that Bigger isn’t always Better.  Our society pressures us to always keep reaching for more. 

As life is continually expanding, we do want to lean into it.  I’m not talking about this aspect.  It’s the continually wanting a larger income, a larger business.  Not pausing to acknowledge your accomplishments or taking care of yourself in the process.

Last year, at a retreat, I was asked to set a goal.  Normally, I’d name an income goal.  I had the thought, it’s not the money anymore.  It’s more than that.  As we were asked to share our goals, the man next to me said he wanted to earn more, that he wasn’t making enough.  He was asked what amount he was making.  He replied that he had earned $21 million in two years of his business.  Yet, he wasn’t feeling fulfilled, or that it was enough.  That helped the lesson hit home for me.

At what point is it enough?  As you are doing this, are you taking time to be in the moment? Are you taking care of your physical body?  Or are you exhausting yourself and rushing through things?

Is there a point where you are thriving?  Where your business is thriving?  Where your business is in harmony with the Earth?  It’s something to consider. 

Perhaps instead of just reaching for a number as a goal, we want to reach for the point where we are in flow – creating and serving from the place that lights us up.  Which in turn, lights everyone around us up.

I’m definitely one to quickly move onto the next thing, or have more than one thing going (while holding the belief that how you do anything is how you do everything, so I hold myself to a high standard on all projects) at a time.  I enjoy this, and being in that creative energy and getting things done.

I’m also learning that there is value in pausing.  On enjoying an accomplishment and success.  In going deep into a moment with gratitude for this lifetime (as unusual as it may look in a pandemic).  On taking the time to re-calibrate, and then diving back in.

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