On My Father’s Planet

Once, in the depths of space,

there was a void – an infinite empty space.

God stepped into the void, and within the void created a planet of love and light.

On this planet, He created humans, who saw in everything the love and light

he placed there for them.

In the trees, they saw the Light of God,

in the wind, they felt the Love of God brush across them.

In each other, they saw the Love of God reflected in their eyes and in their touch.

Everywhere they looked, they saw all the beautiful things that God had created for them,

and they honored and took care of each life form and aspect of creation.

They were keepers of Love and Light,

and God’s Presence was felt everywhere.

A sleep fell over the humans, and they closed their eyes.

They could no longer see that each aspect of creation was infused with the Love and Light of God. The humans lost respect for the other aspects of creation, and closed their hearts.

They took, and did not give back.

They built churches of the beautiful trees of light, who were honored to give their lives as a place of worship,

but the churches became empty places, where it was more important what you did, and how you acted, and what rules you followed, than it was to have the Love of the Creator in your heart and to share this love with all beings.

Only the children remembered,

you could see it when they looked at each other in pure joy and love,

as the adults wondered what it was they were seeing –

they were seeing each other,

and God’s love reflected through them.

-Jennie Fuller

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