“Do What Brings Joy to Your Soul in Your Business” – Marie Forleo

This was one of my Aha moments from last Friday attending the virtual Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield.  This was planned as an in-person event in San Diego (one of my favorite cities to visit) that was pivoted to a virtual event due to the pandemic.

When Marie Forleo said, “Do What Brings Joy to Your Soul In Your Business”, I felt a wave of agreement.  YES!  This is what I’ve been feeling.  That we are moving into a new way of being, and our business is meant to align with our soul.  We have permission to do what it is that truly brings us joy and lifts others up.

For me, why would I create anything else in my business?  Yes, I get it, there is pressure to pay your bills.  That’s what my corporate job does, and why I’ve sometimes worked 2-3 jobs.  My corporate job also is giving me the freedom to craft my business in a way that infuses me and my clients with joy.  To take the time to align my mind, heart, and soul as I create content.  To go deep into subjects.  To ask what is most needed, and what will bring the most light and awareness.

My businesses are my creative outlet, and my way to express part of my soul.  As I’m getting ready to launch a monthly membership (Sparkle) and later this year an online class, I want all aspects of my business to be in alignment with my purpose and soul.  It was validating to hear someone else say do what brings you joy in your business.

One other Aha was that you know what the next step is.  Instead of spinning or getting into overwhelm, get out of your head, and get into your heart and body.  Physical movement helps with this.  It also helps process the energy that is coming in, which results in clarity on your next step.

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