When I was at Findhorn Community, English was a second (or third) language for several of the other people in my group from around the world. Three of the other people – all from different nationalities, with English as a second language, were having a bit of a difficult time understanding each other and holding a conversation.  They were starting to get frustrated.  They each had something to say, and they wanted to be heard and understood.

They asked me if I would sit with them and help them communicate with each other.  We sat together in a small room at Cluny Hill, and I listened to each one, sat silent for a moment, and then translated it in way that they all understood and could hear each other.

I didn’t know their main languages, and their English was quite choppy, yet I understood each one of them and what they were saying.  I listened with my heart.  I listened to the energy of what they were communicating, and then I spoke it in the best way I could.

The conversation ended with smiles and hugs between all of us.  A connection and a feeling of being heard and understood.  It’s a memory that makes my heart smile.

As a healer, when someone is front of me in pain, I don’t ask for the details of what caused the pain.  I sit with each person, and I hold space for them.  I listen to what they want to share or not share.  I hold the energy of love for them, so that they have a safe space to heal and feel love.  I also listen to what they do say, with my heart.

One way to connect with your heart to listen, is to put one of your hands over your heart.  
If you don’t feel comfortable doing this in front of someone, you can do it before writing and/or before sending an email.  You can do it while you are speaking on the phone.  If you are on a zoom call, you can angle the camera, so it’s mostly from your neck up that is in view, and you can place your hand over your heart while speaking.

A second way, is to hold rose quartz in your hand while listening (and speaking).  Rose Quartz crystals hold the energy of love.  Holding rose quartz helps you to listen from a place of love.

A third way, is to ask that you hear with your heart.  Ask to also hear what isn’t being spoken.  Not the details – the energy.  The place that the person in front of you most needs you to listen for, so that he or she can be heard.

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