During a recent conversation, I was reminded that movement is about more than just losing weight.  It also helps us adjust to and work with new energies.  I thought it was interesting that I also landed on this page where they are having a lesson about energy, which mentions daily physical movement helps keep energy moving and flowing through the body so it won’t become stagnant or stuck.  I’m going to go get my walk in now. 

An excerpt from Star Sister about energy – why movement and thoughts are important.
“Zeela smiled and communicated that we would be talking about energy today, as it was another very important lesson.  I smiled back at her, as it was one of my favorite subjects.  She began by speaking and showing me (in my mind) what her race had learned about energy.

“We have found that energy is present everywhere and in everyone and everything.  Our medicine, which is now mostly used to help heal other races, is based on the energy systems and energy flow of the body.  This is why daily physical movement is so important – not just for the physical body, but also to keep corresponding energy flowing and cycling through the body so it won’t become stagnant or stuck.”

“One of the most important things to realize about energy is that energy follows our thoughts, and that while we are in a physical body we are able to direct life energy with our thoughts.  Your thoughts directly affect your vibration.  Your vibration or energy field affects everyone around you.  The higher you keep your vibration, the more you are able to help others and even your planet.A main component of keeping your vibration high is thinking positive thoughts and thinking about things that you enjoy.  Thinking about something gives it more energy and activates it in your vibration.  This is a case where ignoring what you don’t want and replacing that thought with a thought of something is do want is most appropriate….”

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