To have more clarity, and less anxiety and/or fear, there are simple steps you can take.  One of these is to disconnect from the collective energy.  This doesn’t mean you shut other people out.  It’s about staying connected to your own energy, and staying centered vs being constantly swayed by others.

It’s up to you to choose to play in the collective energy or not.  Right now, it’s feeling heavy, and quite fearful to me.  I’m focusing on keeping my connection to my intuition and to the Divine clear, and not getting hooked into the collective energy.

Ways to stay in your own energy:

1.  Limit how much T.V. you are watching.  Especially live shows with commercials or the news.  Your subconscious picks up on what you are taking in.

2. Clean up your social media feeds.  It’s perfectly okay to snooze or unfollow people. 

3.  If your social media is on your home screen on your phone, move it to the third or fourth screen, so it’s not the first thing you see.  You can also log out of it, and only log in once or twice a day to check notifications.

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