It was when I gave myself permission to write in a way that worked the best for me, that I started making alot of progress and completing writing.

I wrote Star Sister over 8 weeks – using my lunch hour and several weekends. I’d go into a conference room at my corporate job and write for a solid hour. On Friday night, I’d head into my home office and stay in there until late Sunday evening (other than for some sleep and meals).

The part that really helped me was to block out that time for myself, and not to let anything else interrupt me. It meant turning down quite a few social invites, phone calls, and limiting errands on those weekends. For me, that was a big deal at the time.

It also helped to get in writing time during the week, so that it felt like I was making progress each day. I also didn’t sleep much until I’d written something that day. (I had been feeling I needed to write it for awhile. For me, if I don’t write regularly, I start getting woken up in the middle of the night and needing to get up and write).

When it’s not such a push to finish a book, I’ll block out a day or a morning or afternoon to write. It helps to have a home office. If you don’t have uninterrupted time at home, is there somewhere else you can go to write?

I know when I’m home, I like it to be really quiet when I’m writing, yet if I go to a cafe, I can overlook the noise in the cafe to write. Especially if it’s a cafe in Paris. Something about travel also helps me write, even if I don’t write alot on the trip (unless it’s a specific writing trip), once I get home I’ll have new and inspired ideas.

Taking time for yourself to go to a hotel and write for a weekend, also can help you get a large portion of writing completed. Writing doesn’t need to take a long time (ok, so one of my books has been “in the works” for 15 plus years), when you create space to drop in and focus on what you are creating.

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