Each of us has a Divine Spark within.

We’ve been given an inner compass that is our direct connection to the Divine. The more we trust and use this navigation system, the stronger it becomes.

Have you always felt that there is something more? That something (you may not know quite what it is) is calling to you?

It can seem that the world is setup to silence this feeling or inner knowing. One thing I’ve found that helps you stay connected is to break through the illusions that the world is trying to present as truths.

Meditation, getting grounded, healing, travel, and looking within have helped me disconnect from illusion and realign with the Divine. I enjoy guiding others to reconnect with their souls and the Divine.

A little about me.

I’ve completed training in Energy Mastery Foundations, Core, and Crystals.  I have studied Reiki, Healing Touch, and completed a 24 month program in Massage and Bodywork.  I also currently work in Electrical Engineering (my bachelor’s degree is in Architecture).

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3 Things to Do Before Meditating: https://bit.ly/2VEjelD